Liebe Patientinnen und Patienten,

Anfang August 2020 beginnt mein Mutterschaftsurlaub. Ab dann heissen wir Francoise Herren herzlich willkommen. Im Frühling nächstes Jahr kehre ich zurück und freue mich Sie wieder zu sehen.

Liebe Grüsse
Camélia Cabrera

Chères patientes, chers patients,

A partir de début août 2020 je serai en congé maternité. Nous accueillons chaleureusement Françoise Herren au cabinet pour la durée de mon absence. Je me réjouis de vous retrouver au printemps prochain.

Camélia Cabrera

Dear patients,

Beginning of august 2020 starts my maternity leave. From then on we are happy to welcome Francoise Herren at the practice. I will be back in spring next year and will be happy to see you again.

Kind regards
Camélia Cabrera

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Osteopathy for children and pregnant women

When to visit an Osteopath?

Babies, infants, pregnant women, adults and elderly people, everyone can benefit from osteopathy and get help and relief from a whole range of dysfunctions.

Osteopathic treatment does not target symptoms only but aims at treating the cause of these symptoms.

When can osteopathy be applied?

Musculoskeletal system: back and neck pain, virtually all joint pains of mechanical origin, pain from scoliosis, coccyx and pubic pain.

Neurological system: all types of peripheral nerve  impingements or irritation (neck, arms, legs and face) sciatica…

Cardiovascular  and lymphatic system: venous congestion (heavy or swollen legs), circulatory issue of the legs (of non-pathological origin), haemorrhoids, palpitations and oppressions (when due to a mechanical cause), lymphatic congestion…

Digestive system: indigestion, bloated stomach, constipation, colitis, acid reflux, side-effects of hernia, side effects of post-operative scar tissue.

Respiratory system and ENT system: chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, glue ear (acute or chronic) especially in children, dizziness and ringing noises in the ear (depending on their origin), headaches and migraines.

Autonomic nervous system: depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia…

Side-effects of traumas: ligament sprain, fracture, falls, accident, whiplash…

Osteopathy for children and pregnant women

Paediatric osteopathy: difficult birth (forceps, C-section, prematured, cord around the neck...), colics, difficulties to sleep, regurgitations, problems to suckle, neck stiffness , glue ear, side effects to braces, hyperactivity, learning difficulties.

Osteopathy for pregnant women: before and after giving birth for any pain due to the pregnancy (back, pubic and coccyx pain, sciatica …). Also to help nausea, acid reflux, contractions, preparation of the pelvis for birth.

Osteopathy helps you to stay healthy

It is important to recall that osteopathy is a preventative medicine. The osteopath can help you increase awareness of your own health.